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The slots that seem to offer the highest payouts are often the most dangerous to play, or, more accurately, the ones that lure the most players and casino managers alike. They are often based on a favorite TV game show, or a film from the 1950s where a space ship accidentally drops a lifeboat into a hazardous river. The lethal waters of the slots are also often host to a multitude of other lethal delights, including upside down pondering, weddings, and more.

Bad Slot Games

Many of thebest slotsare created by listless, forgetful and misguided designers who are out to make a fast buck. The proving demonstration was provided by Microgaming, a popular software developer. AfterENNIS wavered around, Jackpot Party Slots, and Gold Treasure Slots proved to be huge hits. At the time, all three featured huge jackpots that remained unmatched for years to come.

Jackpot Party Slots became the first online slots game to offer a single pocket spin bonus. That proved to be incredibly lucrative. To date, this jackpot has earned over $2.4 million dollars.

Gold Treasure Slots, also a Microgaming game, had a different jackpot as its original theme. It was an ancient Egyptian game where players chose a golden treasure from a treasure chest. In the story, the hero tries to find the secret behind why the rich Egyptians were buried in gold as slaves, rather than wealthy adults.

To this day, Gold Treasure Slots is still around, doing what it set out to do, uncovering great gold symbols instead of merely waiting for a giant payout.

The bad slot games get their name because of the incredible jackpot that could be gained from playing them. For example, the maximum number of coins one can bet per spin is 2,500.00. If the player has the luck to match symbols off on the reels, a jackpot worth 10,000 coins can be won.

Even the worse off a slot machine, Gold Treasure Chest, still offered a huge jackpot worth more than a million coins. Symbols of Gold, which featured huge Jackpots worth several hundred thousand dollars, impressed players to such a degree that other slot machine games, like Cupid’s Testament, trailed behind it.

The Ace of Clubs

The Ace of Clubs is a classic three reel, single pay-line slot machine from Charles Fey. It was one of the very first slot machines to be put on the market that made it possible for single slot enthusiasts to take a trip to Vegas and actually win. fooled many inexperienced players into thinking that slots were a simple, straightforward game of luck.

Despite its simplicity, the A of Clubs earned its nickname because of the bonus it offered for players who found it a favorite. Any flop, except a jackpot, would pay out the bonus, and a jackpot of say, 15,000 coins would make the Ace of Clubs a nice little earner.

To this day, the Ace of Clubs (and its leather case) is an instantly recognizable symbol of the casino.

The Diamond Queen

The Diamond Queen is a Charles Fey game that is often found in video poker machines. Although it didn’t make the cut on the reels, the Queen is one of the most successful video poker machines ever built. The reason for its success? The Diamond Queen has a very high payout, but also has some of the best odds in any video poker game.

The Queen is a five coin game with arulette on the wheel. There are not bonus rounds, so the player has to hold their original five coins in order to receive the bonus. The coin that is held enables the player to participate in 375 progressive dime jackpots, which make for very harsh odds. The higher jackpots are paying out in the neighborhood of six digits a payout, so there is plenty of incentive to play the Diamond Queen.


Football is the most popular sport in the world, and it shows no sign of stopping down the road. In fact, football is increasingly becoming a household pastime, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the days of Seinfeld. humans love the game, and are willing to jump online and watch the games.

This doesn’t mean that online gaming is going away, however. The growth of the internet has brought numerous online casino games into the fold, and the industry is set to grow every year. One of the most exciting directions for the online casino industry is mobile phone gaming. Mobile phone manufacturers are beginning to offer mobile phone platforms that can be used to power casino games for real money or as a fun mode.

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