While betting on sports is only legal in a few places in the United States, such as Las Vegas, millions of office pooling workers are using a professional football rating service to help them choose who to bet on for the big game. When we talk about college football betting, however, we must talk only about one of the two main ratings agencies: The Sagarin ratings.

These are, of course, a ratings agency unlike those found in those casinos on the strip. Rather, they are a ratings agency whose goal is to give gamblers and sports betters throughout the world a simple way to Sending money, points and analysis surrounding the various games and athletes involved in the reckoning.

Yes, that money you could have earmarked for your monthly bills if you had it. Instead, you’re investing it in sports. Even if you never thought of dropping a few bucks on the outcome of a football game, these college football ratings can help you do just that. They’re also a great tool when you’re betting both ways on the outcome of two games and still want to make some money when the game is done.

There is more to the Sagarin College Football Ratings than what I’ve told you. You can read a little bit in depth about them, and even enter your own rated list. But I’d recommend this as the beginning step to picking out who to bet on for the rest of the year.


Sagarin’s ratings are based on a series of complex calculations, which are then rated by the two key factors of offense and defense. Talk about a reversal of the usual order of things!

By going with the ratings of the top-25 teams in the nation, you would miss out on a whole series of data that give you a slightly better idea who the really big winners in college football are.

I recommend entering the Sagarin College Football Ratings system to brush up on your college football alma mater’s schedule, remember which teams were undefeated when they won their last game, and which were undefeated when they lost. Do not enter the system without this data, because you’re likelihood of winning will be much lower than if you were to bet according to the individual ratings.


As I related above, the worst team in the Sagarin College Football Ratings is Kansas State. The Wildcats placed No. 13 in the preseason but they are only the ACC’s worst team and one of 12 teams in Division I-A that have yet to win a game.

What’s the probability that a team can lose six games in a row? Well, that number is 11.5 Determine y your DETECTED total record of victory. If you like to bet one side in a single’s porte-à-potty, place your bets on the home team initially. Of the No. 13 teams, only Utah and Illinois were ranked at the beginning of the season. Of the 13 teams, only eight are returning starters. The returning starters total seven on offense and eight on defense.

That still looks like a lot of teams that just don’t know how to win. But it’s actually not that bad a team. There are exceptional teams, like California at 5-31 overall and 0-13 ATS, at home. Think of it this way: In WEEK 1, squads like Louisville, Florida State and Memphis didn’t know how to win, but today are winners. You cannot sell out a home team with a No. 1 seed, especially in conference play.

The facts are that the worst team in the nation is Louisville, which is only 3-7 ATS in its last 10 home games. Win the first game against Vanderbilt, and it could be over. And Cal is no longer a threat, as the Bears just took UCLA all within one touchdown.

There’s also something interesting about Florida in the SEC. Florida is actually the nation’s No. 1 team in both the AP and USA Today preseason polls, yet it’s not one of the top-12 teams in either poll. Florida was not a fashionable choice at the beginning of the year, so it could be a surprise to see the Gators anywhere outside the top-10 in the final BCS standings (No. 5 Cal and No. 12 Auburn are the only two teams in the top-10 who were not invited to the BCS meetings).

No. 3 USC owns the longest current streak of schools left unbeaten in the regular season (14). The longest current streaks in the Sun Devils history began in 1996 when three consecutive teams won the Pac-10 title games over Arizona, Oregon and LSU. Since that time, none of the schools has returned to the top-25.


College Football-The Sagarin Ratings – What They Are, How to Read Them & What to Do With Them

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