Are you a Poker player? Have you ever dreamed of quitting your day job and becoming a professional Poker player? It’s a dream most people have and I suppose for most of us it will be only a dream. You can however turn that dream into a reality. You can make the big money in online Poker rooms and in just a few months, if you have the right strategy and the right plan you can make it a reality.

How would it feel to make $100,000 in a year? This is the lifestyle most people fantasize about when they think about quitting their day job and making a crazy good living the good old way. All you have to do is learn the right strategy and the system to make it work and you will be raking it in.

You may be sayingolding the time to prepare for a career in professional Poker. Well you’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people give up their day jobs every year to become Poker players. They do this because poker is a hard and fast profession. It requires the brain for lots of hours of mentally tough activities. The brain can’t take a vacation. It can’t be laid off. It wins every time it plays poker and if you don’t have that brain, there’s always a next time.

If you want to make it in Poker, you have to have that brain. That’s the only recipe for success.

The Right Stack Size

I know, I know, we’re all so used to running around the board that we don’t even think about Room sizes in online Poker. However, Poker is different from every other kind of Poker. It is a game of patience. Success depends largely on whether or not you’re Bossing the table at the right time.

That’s right. Your play is based largely on your patience.

Many other strategies exist for Poker. Many good players have written books, dozens of articles, and are willing to discuss the various strategies of the game. However, if you’re really serious about becoming a better Poker player, you need to know how to actually put those strategies into action.

There are a lot of books available on Poker. Most beginners to the game will read and then proceed to implement those books. Some of those books are pretty good and will increase your knowledge slightly, but most of them don’t really teach you how to make the moves at the Poker table.

What I suggest doing is checking out a book or two on If you can’t find a book, search for tutorials on Ken Warren’s website and you should be able to find some good tutorials there. Also, Moodbean have an offline book store here in Toronto. They have a lot of poker books available. You can see if you want a book and compare it to the various books available on the net.

Consider the Money You’re Gambling With

You have to weigh the risk of gambling with the potential you risk losing your money. I’d say that 10% is a good rule of thumb. Also, you should set a limit and stick to it. If you’re a beginner, you shouldn’t gamble until you’re ready to lose the money you risking.

There are many players that risk everything and win nothing. If you ever heard the story of the 2 young boys in the Movie “21”, you heard the story of a poker dealer that risked everything and won nothing. Well, whether in Vegas or Toronto, you never want to be in either scenario. So, set a limit and if you lose the money, walk away. Don’t get emotional and mentally charge the game.


There are many options available for Poker players to use to help improve their Poker skills. No matter which way you decide to improve your Poker game, the decision doesn’t have to be difficult. If you decide it’s better to Learn offline, get a coach or mentor, or use the Simple System, you should definitely consider getting a poker training site.

Here’s a scenario; You’re serious about improving your Poker face. You want to appear to be a better player so that you can sign up to the online poker rooms successfully. You have a coach that you believe can help you improve your Poker face. You decide it’s worth it to spend a one-time fee to have your coach work with you for several months. You’re blown away by the amazing results! Now you can finally play against the best players in the world–and start making money doing so!

There are many things you can do to further enhance your poker performance. You can improve your gameplay, get coaching to teach you the game, use tools that help you evaluated your play and identify your opponents’ habits and tells. You can even use statistic tools to help you in your decision-making. There are tools like these available to help you improve your Poker game.

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