XRYSALIS – a gathering for QTIPOC communities

Xrysalis-QTIPOC-Gathering-main-imageBring us your suffering,

The cries of your rage
Bring me the riot in your heart.
Angry, wild, and raw.
Bring it all.

Step into the XRYSALIS

Fri. 7/22 – Sun. 7/ 24, 2016

@ Groundswell

***Xrysalis is a gathering by and for queer people of color. If you are an ally, we encourage you to attend the Lavender Leadership Summit in November, where we will have continued important conversations about racial justice***

XRYSALIS is an annual event created by and for Queer, Transgender, and Intersex People of Color and celebrating all of our majik.  Over the course of 3 days become immersed in a space dedicated to restoring and celebrating our collective power. This is a gathering for us and by US.

XRYSALIS is where the creators of culture, the young or just young at heart, the gifted, the creative come together and empower one another through fashion, art, activism, food and connection. This ambitious and necessary event has the potential to empower OUR vision: one of collective engagement, celebration, community, and, most importantly, healing and restoration.

Summer Games by Felix D'EonCarrying the weight of a world that tries to define us and use our bodies without recognizing that we are human is exhausting. With this event, we have an opportunity to step outside of that world for 3 days and work together to create a new one. Together we can create a space where we can be re-energized and reborn.

We are working to make sure this gathering will really serve OUR community. Some of the activities are below, but we are still working to develop the full schedule. Get in touch if you have ideas and want to lead an activity!

No One Turned Away For Lack of Funds

Groundswell works hard to make sure anybody can go to their programs, no matter their economic status. If you can’t afford the registration there are work trade options for those who can volunteer a bit more and scholarships for those who aren’t able to. Just fill out this simple form here.

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Want to support Xrysalis’ work for queer people of color?

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Love Under Cherry Blossoms By Felix D'EonXRYSALIS Yoga Retreat and Natural HealingLas Cholas by Felix D'Eon

There will be Yoga Retreat portion to help relax and rejuvenate your spirit.  Folks can also take hikes on the 200 acres of beautiful land, which includes large pond for swimming and half a mile of year-round creek for wading.

XRYSALIS Leadership

Get connected to queer folks of color who are doing the important community organizing work, from building collectives and intentional communities to leading protest movements. Network, learn, and get inspired by the powerful work our community is creating.

XNDIGO Market 

Do you have a craft or creation that you would like to share, trade or sell?  The Xndigo district provides space where we can celebrate and exchange our gifts with each other. Think of this like a mini street fair made that will sustain ourselves and each other.

Las Princesas Mexicas by Felix D'EonXURIOUS Dance Party

Let’s celebrate our bodies in all their glory and shake what yo mama gave ya under the stars! An all-night queer free-for-all of a dance party around the campfire. Fierce fashion highly encouraged.

XNOW Talent Show

Let the community know your talent(s). This is a free-form variety show for any and all that want to share their skills or performance passions. Let us know you want to perform ahead of time or just sign up at the gathering.


Plus more as the event develops and you all add to it! You can contact the organizers at thexrysalis@gmail.com.

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Jimmy Hill the organizer of XrysalisAbout the organizer: Jimmy Hill

Jimmy Hill currently works in Development and Fundraising for a Community Health Non Profit Organization in San Francisco. Jimmy received his degree in Sociology with a concentration in Ethnic Studies from San Francisco State University. His education has given him considerable expertise in the cultural, interpersonal, and contextual components that create social issues within communities. He has worked with the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and San Francisco Department of Public Health where he has put into action his skills in engagement strategies, program development, and project management. Jimmy is working with Groundswell to produce this extraordinary event.