Convergence: LGBTQ Healers Retreat


Friday September 15th to Sunday September 17th

Convergence is a gathering by and for LGBTQ* health care providers and healers of all types and experience levels. While healers often give and give to their communities, all too often there is nobody to heal and support those providing wellness. Convergence aims to solve this problem by creating a space for health practitioners to come together, share skills and knowledge, practice healing on each other, and come away re-energized and re-inspired for their work.

Helping others heal through trauma, whether physical or emotional, often takes a toll on those doing the healing. And, certainly LGBTQ* individuals face unique traumas, ranging from interpersonal to societal. Convergence provides an opportunity for health practitioners to share the challenges and opportunities that arise while serving our communities, while also teaching tools that will increase your capacity to do so. It also acts as an opportunity to meet others engaged in similar work, so you can share resources and support.

Groundswell hopes that by creating this Convergence for LGBTQ* healers we can help bring more health and wellness to all our communities. The work you do, whether as a therapist, a bodyworker, a social worker, or a shaman is important and necessary. It has always been needed and always will be. Supporting one another, we grow in our talents as healers, better serving ourselves and our communities. Convergence is an important step in that direction.

This is a community created program, which means we’d like you to get involved as one of the teachers and activity leads. Have an idea for a self-care workshop? Maybe a group massage activity or a discussion about holistic healing? We want to work with you to lead activities for the gathering. We’re keeping this more casual so that folks can really focus on relaxation, so if you’re interested send an email to Faire at

Registration for Convergence includes access to all programming, lodging, nourishing meals, access to our spring-fed hot tub, and free roam of our 180-acre retreat center grounds. Lodging in cabin bunkbeds is available to the first 70 who request it, and we have ample tent camping areas as well. We want healers of all income levels to be able to attend – partial and full scholarships are available.

*** Groundswell events are only open to adults. You must be over 18 to attend***

If you are registering for multiple people, PLEASE make sure to give their name(s) and e-mail(s) as well as yours. It’s very important for us to get registration information out to every one.

We also have a carpool page!

Photos by Kegan Marling