Feel Healthy

Groundswell helps queer people lead healthier lives by modeling and educating about holistic wellness, regenerative ecology, and cooperative living practices.

  • We benefit people’s well-being by creating connection with, understanding of, and a greater appreciation for nature.
  • We bolster people’s ability to live connected lives through trainings in conflict resolution, group facilitation, team building, and interpersonal communication.
  • We help people work towards a healthier body by teaching about practices that lead to reduced stress and anxiety, more nutritious eating, positive sexuality, and increased resilience.
Most of our programs will have elements educating about health and wellness built in. In 2017, the following programs are focused wholly on health and wellness:

Wellness Weekends Series – 1/27 – 1/29, 4/14  4/16

Groundswell is starting a series of Wellness Weekends that will give you everyday tools to improve your health: physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Each weekend will have a different LGBTQ health expert focused on teaching wellness practices.The first will focus on stress- and anxiety-reducing skills and is being led by Dr. Sam Zoranovich. Participants will also be invited to enjoy the land and it’s many gorgeous features. Read more about the program here.


Some Like It Hot Spa Weekends – 3/17 – 3/19, 6/9  6/11, 9/8 – 9/10

From sacred hot springs to the roman baths, hot water has played a healing role in people’s lives for many millennia. Groundswell invites you to rejuvenate in our own healing waters, at our new spring-fed spa. Come spend a weekend soaking, hiking, and enjoying nourishing food. We won’t have any official programming during these weekends, just lots of relaxation.


Forestry Camp – 2/17 – 2/19

Spend a weekend in the woods learning and practicing sustainable forestry skills. Topics range from forest ecosystems and management to felling and crafting with trees. We will also be spending some time reconnecting with nature and its healing properties. People with all skill levels of forestry are welcome.

Nature=Nurture: Eco-camp – 6/16 – 6/18 

It’s common wisdom, and now scientific fact, that nature is a nurturing force in our lives, helping us lead healthier, less-stressed lives. And, in these days, it’s ever more important that we nurture nature. All weekend we will be teaching regenerative ecology skills and how to work with the woods in ways that benefit both you and nature. The program will culminate with a group natural building project. This is a co-created program and we are still looking for workshop presenters / activity leads. (Date changed 2/3/17)


Convergence: LGBTQ Healers Retreat – (cancelled)

Too often, the healers in our communities don’t have the opportunity to heal and grow themselves. We’re hoping to change this with a weekend of learning, sharing, and regenerating by and for LGBTQ healers of all kinds. Whether you are a body worker or social worker, there will be workshops to help you deepen your practice and your passion for healing. This program is being co-created with Embodiment Arts Collective, a community-based wellness space in San Francisco where holistic and sex-positive wellness practitioners collaborate to care for their clients’ mind, body and spirit.


Self Care Is Sexy Retreat – 9/29 – 10/1

Rarely do we spend enough time and energy on self care. So, Groundswell is creating a program dedicated to teaching people simple skills and practices that will help with care for the mind, body, and spirit. We will be bringing in teachers of many different modalities to give simple classes and lead wellness group activities, like yoga and massage. Our goal is for all participants to come away with increased skills and awareness around self care.