Into the Woods


pond party- into the woods drag party and campoutLet’s go deep, DEEP together… deep Into the Woods. Join us for Groundswell Institute’s Into the Woods, a sexy and fabulosity-filled weekend retreat with the most scrumptious queerdos and queens you’ve ever met. It’ll be a weekend full of love, laughs, and LOADS… of fun. So, don’t miss it!

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The woods are calling you, beckoning you into the Mendocino wild. The drag queens, faeries, and queerdos call your name, whispering of the sweet, sensuous delights you’ll find in the forest. They speak of parties and performances, of revelry and revolution. They call you Into the Woods for a celebration of social, creative, and sexual discovery.

into-the-woods-drag-party-grace-towers-1HAUS of Towers and Groundswell Institute are collaborating to combine immense queer creativity into an event that will leave you feeling fed in all the ways, and still so hungry for more. Some of your favorite city parties will be coming out to Groundswell for the holiday weekend. We’re talking daytime pond parties featuring “Reading is FUNdamental”, “Netflix and Chill” cuddle cinema, and DickATnite bringing you mouthwatering performances and another all-night dance party. Yoga, hikes, and other activities round out the weekend to make sure you get some relaxation in between all that dancing.

See a full list of all the parties and activities below.

hot-tub-at-groundswell-instituteRegistration includes all festivities and frivolities, as well as lodging, food, and access to the full retreat center and spa. There are bunk beds in our rustic cabins available to the first 70 who request them, and ample camping spots for those who prefer sleeping outdoors. We’ll be providing brunch and dinner each day, promised to be almost as mouthwatering as those attending. And, you’ll be able to enjoy our large group spa and ample forest hiking on our 180 acres all Memorial Day weekend. There are partial and full scholarships available for those who need them – you can apply for them here.

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Workshops // Activities // and more
 One of the most popular drag show in SF, these queens know how to titillate your taint and seduce you from the stage. Held at the firepit amphitheater, this show will get your blood flowing to all the right places.
Performances by :

Grace Towers // Anomalia // Snowflake // Betty // Militia // Mary Vice  //

Sir Ma’am //

Meaty Beats by DJ JUAN GARCIA.

Gender-FUCK drag highly encouraged.

Juan Garcia is also a long-time public event producer and DJ in San Francisco and is known for his “Meaty Beats”, a sexy bass driven funk style of House Music.  His residencies include the Shenanigans costume events, Grace Towers’ Bulge parties, Powerhouse, “Mr.”, the mustache party, and most recently played at the brand new leather bar, Rebar in NYC.

Netflix and Chill //

A sex positive space where film is the focus and connection is encouraged. A slumber party for adults! Cuddle puddle // Campy movies.

Pond Party //JP-by-the-cabins-into-the-woods-drag-party
Creekside picnic //
Group Photo //
Massage & Intimate Touch Workshop //

Rehearsing the Boundaries for Embodiment, Intimacy and Opening the Fuck Up.

In this workshop we will be exploring what it means to build intimacy so that we can move toward showing up as our whole self. Showing up whole, in part, begins by taking up residence in the body. Collectively we will unfold ourselves through reflection, communication, and touch. By rehearsing these practices we will learn the boundaries that keep us empowered and honored so that we can safely experience self and others.

Morning Yoga //

With Troy Alexander Munsey.

A morning yoga practice centered around clearing energetic blockages in the body and harmonizing the mental energies through movement and breathing. You will be engaged in physical exercises and meditations that build openness, strength and clarity.

Troy Munsey is a Senior Teacher at the Bheemashakti Yoga School. For over 10 years he has studied various yoga traditions, which he calls “The art of not thinking.” It is only​​ by not thinking that one becomes quiet enough to witness their true Divine nature. Troy teaches a series of exercises, meditations and breath work to purify the mind and body, leading to a light and radiant existence. He urges each student, as his Gurus did, to  “walk like a tiger and be free”.

The Toxic Shame Antidote //

Facilitated by Colin Stack-Troost, Marriage & Family Therapist Intern #87898, Supervised by Dossie Easton.
Growing up queer in a hetero world has left so many in our community feeling “othered,” as the way we live, love, and express ourselves has been stigmatized and shamed. This “toxic shame” can develop from early childhood, and overtly or covertly prevent us from living and loving fully. But if we trace our queerness back through the ages, we can see that our people have existed in various forms over time throughout the world. Getting in touch with these queer ancestors, stories, and mythology offers an antidote to this toxic shame and can provide an excellent tool to overcome anxiety, depression, and negative self-talk. We exist now, we have always existed, and we aren’t going anywhere.

Flour. Milk. Butter. Baking Powder. Sugar. Salt. Eye of Newt.

baked-workshop-with-tassel-at-into-the-woodsWhen simple ingredients combine with love and attention to detail, magic happens. Join legANDdairy baking kween, Tassel, for a hands-on workshop covering the fundamentals of biscuit-making. You’ll learn
  • the basic biscuit recipe
  • how to properly measure flour
  • how to werq the dough
  • proper biscuit-cutting technique
  • biscuit variations, including buttermilk and cinnamon raisin
Participants will serve their delightful creations to the community at Sunday brunch.
Limited to the first 20 people to arrive // Dining hall // Sunday 10AM
Side by Side //


A workshop for artists by artists and anyone interested in tapping into their creative vibe by Ernesto.

“We are part of a necklace of incomparable beauty and unmeaning.” Leonard Cohen.

Ready?  Set – Wait… are the glitter bombs ready?…   Go. Join in on a conversation about queer creativity and collaboration. How do we practice our art? How does that practice integrate with those around us? What is the ecology of our practice? And, how the heck do collectives even work? Come explore these questions and even practice them as we work on a special project through the weekend.

Worried about how to get here? We have a carpool page!

*** Groundswell events are only open to adults. You must be over 18 to attend***