Forth Queerly 2017

Friday June 30th to Tuesday July 4th 2017

forth-queerly-groundswell-lgbt-retreat-center-4It’s time to celebrate our freedom and independence by being as fabulously queer as we can possibly be! This fourth of July weekend we invite y’all to go Forth Queerly as we revel in our authentic selves. As usual, there will be pond parties, fierce and feisty performances, decadent feasting, healing heart circles, and lots of sensual and sexy space. Plus, we’re bringing back our popular Lit Qween Light Show, and upping the production levels and performances all around. It’s going to be four full days of play, party, and pleasure.

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forth-queerly-groundswell-lgbt-retreat-center-7Forth Queerly is a celebratory program that invites you to think about how you bring your queerness into the world. This year we are going Vintage Edition! That means we’ll be visiting decades-old cultures and queers that have helped us grow into this beautiful community. Friday, we’ll be holding the Black Cat Cafe variety show in honor of that historic venue and the Grand Mere Empress of San Francisco, José Sarria. Then, we’ll dance to old-time swing and jazz for our Fierce Flappers dance party, where we all embody those fashionable women dedicated to enjoying themselves and rebelling against conventional standards of behavior.

forth-queerly-groundswell-lgbt-retreat-center-6There will be many pond parties, with naked and scantily clad bodies basking in the sunshine, the water, and each other. We’ll be playing oldies of many different decades and genres and serving up special treats like slushies and frozen fruit (fruit for fruit!). On Sunday, dinner will be brought up to the pond so the rest of the night can continue up there. The Lit Qween Light Show comes once dark has arrived with light and music interwoven into a wondrous and illuminating performances. Then, disco dancing until dawn!

forth-queerly-groundswell-lgbt-retreat-center1On Monday, we’ll focus on serving our own and each other’s bodies. There will be a relaxing touch ritual in the morning and rejuvenating spa dates by the hot tub in the afternoon. Of course, there will still be more dancing, swimming, and making out at the pond. After dinner, we’ll dance around the campfire and end the day with a midnight fire-spinning performance. On Tuesday, we’ll brunch, cleanup, get some last splashes in, and end with a connecting closing circle.

forth-queerly-groundswell-lgbt-retreat-center-9We ask all who come to our events to truly be participants, not just attendees. This means we want your help as a volunteer in the kitchen, greeting people, or setting and cleaning up the various party scenes. It also means we want you to think of special ways you can contribute. Maybe you want to collect blackberries and make pies. Maybe you want to share mead you’ve been brewing. Maybe you want to hold a sound healing session. We welcome all these things and more. Let your creativity run wild, and if you need support from Groundswell just send us an e-mail.

forth-queerly-groundswell-lgbt-retreat-center2Registration includes all four days of revelry and love, with delicious meals, access to the spa and retreat center, and lodging (70 cabin bunks available first come first served and lots of camping spots). It’s sliding scale and all revenue supports the important work Groundswell is doing for queer communities. Plus, there are scholarships available for those who need themjust apply here.

Summer is here, with all the heat and sweat you could want (and more). The pond and the creek are here to cool you down, while the spa and parties wait to heat you back up again. Connection and community awaits, along with the usual dancing and debauchery. You will definitely delight in going Forth Queerly this year.

*** Groundswell events are only open to adults. You must be over 18 to attend***