Spirit’s Bio

Name: Spirit


Preferred Pronouns: Spirit/They/Them

‘Spirit’ McIntyre is a Cellist, Vocalist, Lyricist, Reiki Practitioner, promoting empowerment and healing by any medium necessary. Spirit believes in the power of breath, creating intentional artistic relationships, honoring lovability, being seen/seeing, and growing compassionately through tight places to find authentic expansion. Spirit has been exploring the divinity of grief since the transitioning of their father, Paris McIntyre on January 16, 2017. For more information www.monicamcintyremusic.com,



Workshop (Co-facilitator w/Eb. Brown):

#FreedomWork: Holding Our Power As TGNC Folks Of Color

Freedom Work is a space for TGNC Folks of color to experience and explore their power through sound, the body, breath and collective wisdom. In this space we will address the ways in which oppression shortens our vision, stunts our creativity and limits us in seeing ourselves as leaders and movement spaces and beyond. Together we will develop new practices that will help us all GET FREE!

*This workshop is specifically for POC folks.