TRANScend 2018

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TRANScend: A Retreat for Trans and Genderqueer Folks

Friday October 5th to Sunday October 7th 2018

 at Saratoga Springs


New friends and old friends, TRANScend invites you to our second year of creating majick together as trans and genderqueer folks.

TRANScend is a gathering specifically designed for trans and genderqueer folks to teach each other, self-organize, create paths of resilience, redefine resistance, heal, socialize and deepen our social justice movements. Through workshops we will empower each other by centering the needs of our community, including sessions that focus on mental and physical health as well as leadership. We will pull from and build upon our rich and diverse histories as we seek to make even more. We know that self-care is critical to our wellness, so there will also be plenty of time to relax, rejuvenate, and dance under the stars.

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This year TRANScend’s main theme focuses on: “Revealing our Majick“.

TRANScend 2017 group photo

How do trans folks hold our innate majick? How do we as trans and genderqueer folks create majick together? How do we choose to reveal our majick to our friends, community members and the world? What do we  reveal to each other that we don’t reveal to others outside of our communities? How has our majick been shaped through our ancestral lineage?

Majick has so many different meanings that shift across time and cultures, what does it mean to you?


Photo courtesy of Cristy C. Road

We know that when trans and genderqueer folks come together we create majick, we shift narratives, we make visible change that has the possibility to overthrow cis-tems. In this current administration it is so important for us to find these common threads, because while we may share common identities we also have our differences, and it is in celebrating and recognizing them both that we can truly move forward in our quest for intersectional liberation.

We are currently looking for presenters and healers for TRANScend 2018. Please see our full Presenter Call for details. Proposals are due August 15th by midnight pst.

We are currently raising funds to support our scholarship program and stipends for presenters, please consider donating and sharing to your networks. GoFundMe

In the meantime, if you would like to join our FB group please click here, this will allow you to be in the loop on all things related to TRANScend.

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Registration includes food, lodging, all activities, and access to Saratoga Springs’ retreat center including the large group hot tub and pool. We have cabin spaces available for around 100 folks who want them and then plenty of camping spaces (and extra tents for those who need them). We cook delicious, nutritious meals all weekend and make sure to provide options for all sorts of diets.

TRANScend works very hard to make sure that this event is accessible to all no matter your economic circumstances. We also prioritize people of color when it comes to scholarships and will be reserving 70% of our allotted scholarship for POC.  

There are scholarships available now, It’s just a quick 5-minute application here.

We have also secured a shuttle bus through our friends at FLUX to help with transport to and from the SF Bay area.  This will be available as a free option to the first 50 people who need this service (link will be available soon).  We also have a carpool page setup for people to share rides on and for those whose needs aren’t met by the shuttle bus (link below). In other words, we’re making sure it’s mighty easy to get here for this important program.


Carpool Page

poster design: Abeni Jones

TRANScend is organized by a talented team of trans and genderqueer leaders from diverse communities. Please feel free to get in touch with them if you have questions or would like to be more involved. They are featured below and you can click on each to get their full bio.

Janelle Vinson

Eb Brown

Abeni Jones

Jasmine Powell

Spirit McIntyre

Spring Transgender Genderqueer Retreat TRANScend

Spring Collins

TRANScend is able to pay all organizers, presenters, and healers and offer scholarships to all who need them because of our partnerships and community members who support us financially.  We would like to thank these organizations especially for their contributions this year to TRANScend.

No pets are allowed at Saratoga Spring’s events, only ADA defined service animals. If you plan to bring your service animal, email us at
Please make other arrangements for the care of your pets while you are here.

*** Groundswell events are only open to adults. You must be over 18 to attend***

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poster design: Abeni Jones