The Vision of Groundswell

At Groundswell Institute and Community, we embody a world where queer spirit thrives in harmony with nature. Our vision includes both an ecovillage of permanent residents committed to tending the land and its inhabitants (human and otherwise), and also a retreat center for environmental education and cultural resilience. We seek to model a different and more sustainable way of living, through heart-centered connection, self-reliance, conscientious land stewardship, creativity, the celebration of sex and intimacy, and interdependence with the larger world.


As Groundswell matures, we anticipate growing our residential community to fifteen to twenty-five owner-members. We intend to become largely self-sufficient in food through our horticultural and animal-husbandry projects. Our non-profit, Groundswell Institute (in process of formation), will administer our educational and cultural programs, and will lease out our facilities to kindred groups as scheduling allows. Our dream is to manifest a positive future, not just for our own lifetimes, but for many generations to come.