Our Non-Profit Institute

Groundswell Institute nurtures the cooperative ecology and culture that are essential for a sustainable future. The Institute creates visionary queer consciousness-raising and environmental programs, and provides and inspirational space for like-minded people to gather.

Groundswell Institute is a 501(c)3 organization that runs the land’s retreat center facilities and its unique programs. This non-profit allows us to operate the campground outside of for-profit business dictates, to build increased engagement with our extended community, and to accept donations from our supporters. The Institute has a superbly talented board of directors who lend their professional expertise while also ensuring oversight of this community endeavor. On the operations side, a nimble management team runs the day-to-day retreat center business, sharing responsibilities through cooperative management techniques.

Learn more about our Board of Directors. (coming soon)

Learn more about Groundswell’s Management Team. (coming soon)