Our Land

Located in Northern California, on the southern tip of the Anderson Valley, Rancheria Creek runs along Highway 128, dividing the land between redwood forest and oak-studded hillside. More than a quarter mile of the year-round creek runs through Groundswell, quartz glistening among the river-rocks. Up the steep forest slopes, seasonal creeks line the way to our quarter acre pond, spring-fed, which provides space for respite and reflection. Near the center and the peak of the property stands Grandfather Cedar, overlooking the farm, creek, forests, hills. Acting as the physical and spiritual center of the land, this incense cedar strides among its many seedlings, settled in serpentine rock.


Less than¬†40 acres of Groundswell’s land is easily accessible or developed – the majority, over 140 acres, remains deep redwood forest, the province of deer and other woodland creatures. It is our goal to keep it so. We seek to steward this beautiful Northern California land, creating and maintaining only in balance with the natural systems that were here well before ourselves.