Our Community

a-frame-in-the-morning-at-groundswell-ecovillage-and-retreat-centerGroundswell’s five original founding members began meeting in October 2013. We came together with a passion for queer intentional community, and soon agreed on a powerful statement of values. We purchased the Groundswell site in summer 2014, and are working hard to shape it into our long-term vision.

Groundswell’s culture is built on interdependence and heart connection. We believe in shared resources, shared responsibility, and shared celebration. Self-sufficiency in food production is a key goal, along with enhancing the health of our environment. We honor free-spirited sexuality, exuberant creativity, and a spirit of adventure in all things (you can check out our full values here).

Beyond Groundswell’s residential community, a large extended community of supporters, friends, and family (both logical and biological) regularly join us on the land for our programs and work parties. This translocal community ranges all over Northern California and then further, across the continent and across oceans. It is only through this extended community that we are able to persist in our work, as they gift us vital volunteer hours and donations.

We are eager to attract like-minded folks into our expanding ecovillage. We envision our residential community growing to 20 or more fabulous individuals who are excited to live cooperatively with each other and the land. Whether you are interested in full membership or just want to get to know the community better, we recommend getting involved with the community first through a program or work party.

In addition to our human members, Groundswell is happy to be home to a wide range of animal community members. The flora and fauna of the land we inhabit are abundant and diverse, often wandering into our camp facilities to say hello. We have a herd of alpacas, a couple llamas, a few icelandic sheep, and a herd of milking goats, often seen contentedly grazing our grassy hillsides. In addition, we have two red wattle pigs, chickens, guinea fowl, rabbits, and two rescue chinchillas. Rounding out the domestic animals are our Rat Terrier, Thelma, Australian Shepherd, Pansy, and Great Pyrenees, Bruno.