Abeni’s Bio

Name: Abeni Jones

Abeni Jones

Bio: Abeni is a multiracial trans woman educator, workshop facilitator, artist, graphic designer, and writer based in the Bay Area.

Workshop: How to Take Care of Each Other: Community Care in Times of Crisis

In this workshop, we will dissect and critique some of the most common rhetoric around “self-care” and try to re-frame the conversation about care from a disability justice perspective. Some members of our community cannot take care of themselves – how, instead, can we build toward an ethic of “Community Care?” Where instead of encouraging each other to take care of ourselves (though self-care is very important), or instead of relying on the State to meet our needs (though navigating the supports we can get from the State are also important), we figure out ways to take care of each other? There will be a short lecture going over some of these ideas, then breakout sessions where we discuss our experiences and/or dreams related to community care, then a whole group breakout/shareout where we can end with a bunch of strategies for moving toward community care as we return to our own communities.

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