Intellectual Diversity in Manifesting Groundswell

animals hands in the mud at groundswell ecovillage and retreat centerIt has been a fascinating year interacting with five others to co-create a seriously amazing dream that we had all touched in our hearts for years prior to beginning meeting together in October 2013. Now we are living on a piece of land that we love, some full time and some part. And in both sharing living space and experiences and our frequent development meetings you can bet we are deep in the lusciously intimate and intense process of getting to know ourselves and one another better!

It isn’t often easy, and it often does take us outside our comfort zones. As in any intimate and co-creative relationships we find our edges and boundaries. Fortunately, we all have big hearts of extremely good will and many great communication skills that help us stay connected and caring through the patches of seeing things differently and working towards consensed solutions. It has been a year of hard interpersonal work and we are finding it mostly enriching and rewarding. The love and the respect continue to grow, an early and delightful, heart-centered bumper crop for our organic farm in the making …

Okay. I am a Process Queen. Specifically, an internal process one. It’s how I live my life, it’s how I make my living, and it’s part of what I bring to my community here at Groundswell!

Lately we have been learning together about our Personal Thinking Patterns, i.e. the amazing variations in how each of us processes thought and learns and communicates with slight but important differences in our auditory, visual, and kinesthetic styles. Our kinesthetic variations (the paces and forms of how we feel and engage in physical activity) for instance range from precise, momentary and detail-focused to very broad, deep, and big-story feeling out of situations. This pertains directly to a shared value we hold of honoring and optimizing our various personal strengths. And to how we get the work done. And there is a LOT of work!

We are learning to bring all of these radically different personal strengths to our group process, like when we discuss and plan big projects like planning the conversion of our soccer field into an organic farm, where and how to get some orchards growing, or approach our much anticipated Bathhouse renovation with addition of a deck and hot tub. When we honor and accept each member’s contribution and let them trust themselves to bring their strengths to the game—one person’s ability to envision broadly, another’s know-how and penchant and pleasure for sheer manual labor, the strength for organizationally sequencing project steps, a gift for language and words—we all participate
and we all have fun and we all enjoy things we care about moving forward.

We at Groundswell are living a celebration of diversity. In this case, Intellectual Diversity. The love and fun are growing exponentially, and the dream is in blossom!!